True Love Is When

  True love is when... 

 He lends me his gloves because I'm freezing and forgot mine // He washes the dishes after he's had a full day of work and night class // He lets me sleep in on Saturdays when he gest up for work //  He lets me have the last bite of dessert.. hehe :) // He lets me pick the movie even if he'd rather see a different one // He cleans up my messes without complaining (because I'm the messier one) // He tells me he loves me.. but I already know 


birthday nycBirthday's are a strange thing. On one hand, I feel excited because I get to eat cake and blow out candles and open a few presents and hang out with loved ones and celebrate. On the other hand, I'm realizing I'm another year older, and I don't feel any older or look older but here I am, one whole year older than my age yesterday. Then I start thinking, am I where I imagined I would be at 23 when I was younger and thought about being in my early 20's? The truth is, when I was little (like middle school and younger) I always thought anyone who was past 21 was old old old, and that my life would be over by 23 because I'd be no longer a kid and I'd probably be boring and working full time and maybe even married. Haha! Well, I am doing all those things and I am happy to say that I am not only where I thought I would be at 23, but I feel like I have fully followed and pursued my dreams and have been blessed with far more than I imagined. So, while birthdays can feel a bit strange to me sometimes, there is no doubt that all I felt yesterday was overwhelmingly blessed. :)

Hope everyone had a fun St. Patrick's day! I know I did! <3