Three months blogging!

 Yesterday marked my three month blog-i-versary! :D This has been such a fun and exciting journey so far and has really allowed me to tap into my creative side. If there is one thing about me that has been a constant, it has been the need and drive to create. As soon as I was able to hold a pen, all I wanted to do was draw. Growing up, my parents had converted our garage into a playroom, and among the toys and TV and games they put in a chunky, wooden, round desk. This desk was my life. I would spend hours there--drawing, coloring, painting--quiet and pensive, completely absorbed in my work. My dad told me he had been worried about me-- I was so shy and reclusive, so completely entertained and satisfied with being alone and in my element - he worried I would be too shy to make friends! (This all changed as soon as I started playing sports in second grade.) My coloring desk days sparked an interest in the creative process that has continued with me my whole life.

No matter what season of life I am in, the need to create has always been in my blood. It began with simple drawings and coloring Disney books, to creating music with piano and guitar, to scrapbooking, to photography, to writing poetry, to cooking, to baking, and now blogging! Blogging is seriously one of the best creative outlets. It constantly challenges me, forces me to think of new ideas and things to make, which ultimately makes me feel so alive and happy. I hope to continue this blogging journey for a long time! <3


birthday nycBirthday's are a strange thing. On one hand, I feel excited because I get to eat cake and blow out candles and open a few presents and hang out with loved ones and celebrate. On the other hand, I'm realizing I'm another year older, and I don't feel any older or look older but here I am, one whole year older than my age yesterday. Then I start thinking, am I where I imagined I would be at 23 when I was younger and thought about being in my early 20's? The truth is, when I was little (like middle school and younger) I always thought anyone who was past 21 was old old old, and that my life would be over by 23 because I'd be no longer a kid and I'd probably be boring and working full time and maybe even married. Haha! Well, I am doing all those things and I am happy to say that I am not only where I thought I would be at 23, but I feel like I have fully followed and pursued my dreams and have been blessed with far more than I imagined. So, while birthdays can feel a bit strange to me sometimes, there is no doubt that all I felt yesterday was overwhelmingly blessed. :)

Hope everyone had a fun St. Patrick's day! I know I did! <3