A Moveable Feast | Paris, France

To quote Hemingway: “We ate well and cheaply and drank well and cheaply and slept well and warm together and loved each other.” - A Moveable Feast This is a very long post, filled with some of my favorite pictures of the trip. I could make long comments on every photo, but then the post would be twice as long, so the pictures will just have to speak for themselves. All in all, it was an inspiring, refreshing, exhausting, food-filled, and creative discovery.

Notre Dame

Hotel de Invalides and around

Jardin du Luxembourg

Trocadero, Eiffel Tower

Madeline in Paris


Walking around the Seine

Arc de Triomphe

Tour de Eiffel

Wohoo you made it to the end!

Some observations Kyle and I made during our trip:

  • The Paris metro is so much cleaner than the NYC subway (NO rats in sight, guys)
  • The food portions in Paris were much bigger than NY portion size (and it was surprisingly cheap)
  • every homeless man we saw had a dog with them (??!?)
  • croissants.
  • French people are very friendly (and stylish and artistic and have pretty hair).
  • coffee (cafe) is an experience and something meant to be leisurely enjoyed.
  • euros look too much like monopoly money and therefore made it much too easy to spend.

What I Love About NYC (part one)

A quick list of things I love about NYC, in no particular order. 1. Keep to Yourself. You don't have to say hi or smile to everyone you see. People are not overly friendly here, and I kind of like it. You can be in your own bubble and do your own thing, but you can also enjoy the friendliness of people if you need directions. (New Yorkers are nice, despite what everyone told me. They can just be impatient at times. : D)

2. Food! So. Much. Food. Every culture of food exists here, and it's all incredible. You can walk down any street and there is a new unique set of restaurants (or food trucks). My favorite kinds of food I've eaten here have to include Vietnamese, French, Middle Eastern, Thai, and Greek.

3. Public Transportation. The subway system in NYC is one of the best in the world. You can get anywhere in the city without driving and it's GREAT. Riding the subway can be fun and entertaining. I love not having to drive and gas up the car and get angry at drivers who cut me off (I might have some major road rage). There are also some downsides to public transport (like...delays due to "sick" passengers, armpits in your face, people stepping on your toes...), but I think it's all in how you approach it and your attitude.

4. City Parks. My favorite place for people watching. You can sit on a park bench or sprawl out on the grass, and there are so many different kinds of people from all over the world and all over the country and its cool wondering where they are all going or what they are doing. There are sometimes street performers, musicians, or local artists in the parks. I have had many "NY moments" here, and they are just generally very beautiful public places.

5. Shopping. This is great but bad for our bank account, heehee. So much good shopping here, from name brands to cute boutiques in Brooklyn to knock offs in random corners on Canal street. The city fashion scene makes you want to be more fashionable too--I feel really underdressed going to the store in a t-shirt and sneakers. In fact, I got rid of over half of my tshirts after we moved here, you simply don't want to wear them when everyone else looks nice!

6. Four Seasons. While I actually hate winter and the snow, it's pretty cool experiencing all four seasons here. It really breaks up time and forces me to truly appreciate sunny pretty weather. Spring is literally the happiest time of year for me here! Lots of flowers in bloom that I never saw in Texas, and no more heavy coats! :)

7. The NYC energy. I don't know what it is, but there is something about living in NYC that pushes you to do things you wouldn't normally do. It makes you want to do better and be better. There is a drive and inspiration and energy that comes with stepping off the subway in the morning, looking up at all the skyscrapers, all the hustle and bustle on the streets, all the people-rushing to wherever they are going, yellow taxis, and it fuels you to push your limits. No cup of coffee can give you the energy that living in NYC can.

True Love Is When

  True love is when... 

 He lends me his gloves because I'm freezing and forgot mine // He washes the dishes after he's had a full day of work and night class // He lets me sleep in on Saturdays when he gest up for work //  He lets me have the last bite of dessert.. hehe :) // He lets me pick the movie even if he'd rather see a different one // He cleans up my messes without complaining (because I'm the messier one) // He tells me he loves me.. but I already know