A Slow Morning

It's been exactly one week in our new apartment, and I can happily say we are now officially living in New York City! Moving is always a bittersweet experience. Packing up everything we own and transporting it from one place to another is utterly exhausting, especially since we were on a fifth floor walk-up! I do love rummaging through the carefully labeled boxes in our new place, pulling out forgotten treasures, well-loved books, and old photographs, and having the opportunity to think back. It's nice to be able to pause for short moments and reflect on who we once were and how so much has changed from what we thought our lives would be, (in a good way!). Sometimes I cannot believe that we are really here, that we actually did it, that we took a chance one year ago and made the big move across the country. Loaded down in a huge uhaul with our car in tow, driving through states and cities we had never been to to get to the city. And now we're here, having the adventure of a lifetime, loving it (most of the time), navigating the challenges together, and making so many memories along the way.

So, cheers to our new apartment in the city!